Integrated Multi-Physics Lab

Our main interests are investigating multi-physics, multi-scale phenomena through integrating theoretical, experimental, computational analysis combined with data sciences.

Coupled multi-physics phenomena are defined as phenomena with at least two independent physical processes in one or multiple regimes and typically involves solving coupled systems of partial differential equations. For instance, fluid injection into a heterogeneous porous media and the impact of chemical corrosion at the fracture tips, etc. We investigate these phenomena experimentally, theoretically and numerically.

Research Positions Available

Positions are currently available for post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students interested in the study of multi-scale, multi-physics. Please contact Dr. Newell directly at

Recent News

  • Dr. Newell is co-organizing the second series of Computational Mechanics & Sciences Virtual Workshop.


    Dr Newell presneted at WCCM-ECCOMAS2020. She also co-organized a virtual female networking event during the conference, where the IACM-FRC chapter …
  • IMP Lab welcomes Ryan!

    IMP Lab welcomes Ryan!

    Although, Ryan Nielsen has been working with us for the past couple of months, he has just officially joined the …
  • Congratulations Alex!

    Congratulations Alex!

    Alex’s UROP proposal entitled: “Numerical and Experimental Mechanical Characterization of Geo-Architected Porous Materials” was awarded.
  • Congratulation Ja-Rey

    Congratulation Ja-Rey

    Ja-Rey’s UROP proposal entitled: “Predicting Mechanical Properties of Heterogeneous Porous Media Using Machine Learning” was awarded.
  • IMP Lab’s recent paper

    IMP Lab’s recent paper

    Congratulations Truong, Bang, and Michael!
  • Congratulations to Dr. He for graduating with his PhD

    Congratulations to Dr. He for graduating with his PhD

    IMP lab is so proud of you and your achievement in such a short time. You Rock Bang!
  • Check out Michael’s UROP Presentation

    Check out Michael’s UROP Presentation

    Michael, IMP Lab is proud of you and your achievement in this unusual time. Check out Michael’s presentation here.