Welcome to IMP Lab

Integrated Multi-Physics laboratory is located in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. Our main interests are investigating multi-physics, multi-scale phenomena through integrating theoretical, experimental, computational analysis combined with data sciences.

Coupled multi-physics phenomena are defined as phenomena with at least two independent physical processes in one or multiple regimes and typically involves solving coupled systems of partial differential equations. For instance, fluid injection into a heterogeneous porous media and the impact of chemical corrosion at the fracture tips, etc.

Our lack of knowledge and the complexity of describing the intricate couplings between many physical phenomena due to the presence of multiple length scales and various physics involved, provides opportunity for exploration. At IMP Lab, we are dedicated in understanding these phenomena for various engineering and scientific applications.

Our research interest includes:

  • Computational multi-physics analysis of coupled phenomena
  • Fracture analysis in multi-physics systems
  • Computational homogenization of heterogeneous materials
  • Constitutive modeling
  • Nano/Micro-architected porous media