Fall 2017 & Fall 2018: ME EN 6510 Introduction to Finite Elements

Summary: Introduction to the finite element method as applicable to a wide class of problems in physics and engineering sciences.

Spring 2017 & Spring 2020 & Spring 2022 and Fall 2020: ME EN 3300 Strength of Materials

Summary: Shear and bending moment in beams, torsion of circular and noncircular sections, bending and shear stresses in beams, deflection of beams, statically indeterminate members and structures. Failure criteria, stress concentrations, column buckling. Laboratory in mechanical behavior of materials and stress analysis included.

Spring 2019 & Spring 2021: ME EN 7525 Inelasticity

Summary: Theory and application of inelastic behaviors such as viscoelasticity, creep, plasticity, and damage. Nonlinear elastic and plastic stress-strain relations; yield criteria, and flow rules. Effects of hardening, temperature, strain rate, and anisotropy.

Fall 2019 & Fall 2021 & Fall 2022: ME EN 5960 Theory of Linear FEM

Summary: This course covers the fundamental theory and application of the linear static finite element methods for continuum mechanics.